Love Does Challenge Week 2

Show Support to Others

In Love Does, Bob tells a story about taking a shot with his dad's gun in the house.  Bob ended up with a bloody eye and stitches.  While Bob was afraid he would get in trouble, his dad was concerned and scooped him up to take him to the hospital.  

We often get the idea that we're falling short and that God is mad at us.  God isn't standing over us enjoying the pain we've inflicted on ourselves when we make mistakes.  He is more like Bob's dad, who scooped him up into this arms and carried him away to get healed.

The way we view God's love for us will determine how we share that love with others.  If we view God as judgmental and eager to punish, we will treat others that way as well.  But if we view God as a caring father - like the Bible says he is - then we will come to their aid when they miss the mark.  That is the goal this week - Support others and pick them up when they are down, just as God picks us up when we are down
(From the Love Does Action Guide)
Can you think of a time when you received a word of encouragement?  How did it make you feel?  This week, your challenge is to think of someone who needs your support and to reach out to that person with some encouragement.   
Who is someone in your world who needs to be picked up off the ground?  What could you do to support that person?  Don't forget the needs of strangers too.  Volunteer at the food pantry, visit a lonely person at the nursing home, help an elderly neighbor with chores.  How can you help someone whose currently experiencing a difficult time?
Your story can be a powerful tool to help you relate to others, show support, and tell them that God cares about them.  This week, look for ways to support others by sharing your story.  Don't forget that the way we live also tells a story.  
Be sure to grab the Love Does Challenge Flyer in foyer at the church.  
There is a Challenge Checklist on the back so you can keep track of your progress in showing the love of Jesus to others.

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